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Highest candle artistry since 1920 at Kerzenfabrik Karl Jaspers GmbH in Paderborn

Kerzenfabrik Karl Jaspers GmbH
can look back at almost 100 years of company history and tradition. What began as a small candle manufacturing site in Paderborn, has become a modern and internationally oriented production company with a rich tradition. Our international experience, our own logistics and our modern high rack warehouse top off our “Full Service” approach. Learn more about our company here.

A third-generation company

The candle manufacturer Karl Jaspers GmbH can look back at almost 100 years of company
history. The company was founded by Alois Jaspers. The first years of the
company were hard, due to the financial crisis in 1929 and World War 2. In
March 1945, the factory was almost destroyed entirely. 1967 Karl Jaspers took
over as sole General Manager.

In 1972, the factory relocated to the industrial park at Dörener Feld.

In 1986 and 1992, Markus and Thomas Jaspers were respectively appointed as General
Managers. Therefore, the company has been family-owned for three generations to
this day. In 1994, the company relocated one more time to the industrial park
Benhauser Feld. After several expansions, we have a warehouse with a capacity
for more than 24,000 pallet and a tank capacity of about 1,000 tons at our

To our great sorrow, our valued senior director, Karl Jaspers, passed away in 2015.

At our production site in Paderborn 130 employees process more than 20,000 tons of
paraffin each year.

Exhibition at Karl Jaspers in Paderborn

Take a look at our numerous kinds of candles and tealights yourself. We would love to welcome you to our exhibition. Our workroom is open Monday to Friday from 8:00 AM until 5:00 PM. Please note that we are unable to accept EC card payments.

Unique candle manufacturing – tradition meets technology

Our philosophy is to offer our costumers high quality at reasonable and fair prices. Therefore, we regularly invest in our employees and production process. Our current production reached a capacity of more than 20,000 tons of paraffin
a year – and numbers are increasing. With that, we produce candles of all kinds. Wherever possible, we manufacture with a high amount of automatization. Wherever necessary, we manufacture manually. That way we can provide excellent

quality at reasonable and fair prices.

From Paderborn to the whole world

We operate with our own transport fleet – additionally to external logistics providers - ,so that you receive your wares quickly and safely. This way, we can provide that our products are brought to you without any detours and warehouse
rearrangements. Our modern, climatized high rack warehouse has a capacity for more than 24,000 pallets. We have a storage capacity of 1,000 tons for liquid raw materials. That gives us the capability to complete individual orders on
short notice. With a constistent process chain – from production to storage to our own logistics – we provide you with the highest degree in quality assurance and delivery reliability.